30 Creative Pallet Furniture DIY and Projects

They aren't just for shipping anymore. Wooden pallets can often be found for free in commercial areas. Pallets can be repurposed in a myriad of ways around the home and yard, anything from a 3-bin composter to a beautiful piece of wall art. But our latest favorite use for pallets is the creation of sturdy, functional and attractive home furnishings.

Pallets can be used whole or taken apart to create a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor furniture. Whole pallets can be stacked, nailed together and painted to create outdoor lounge furniture. Cover your pallet lounger with bright cushions and no one will ever suspect it's a DIY project. Complete your patio lounge area with a pallet table to hold your cool drinks on a hot summer day. By using abandoned pallets to build your home and yard furniture, not only are you saving tons of money you are also rescuing waste from the landfill.

Another great outdoor pallet project for those lazy summer evenings is a swinging pallet bed with all the pleasures of a hammock but much more comfortable. For the gardeners in your family pallets can be used to create a garden work table that folds against a wall for easy clean up. If you like to entertain, try using pallets to make an outdoor bar and stools. Your guests will love it. For the kids, you can build a backyard play house or tree fort using pallet planks.

Sand and stain pallet planks to build shelving or wall racks for coats, wine bottles or mugs for indoors. Or hang a whole pallet from the ceiling in the kitchen to create a funky pot rack. If you're feeling ambitious try building a bed or pantry cupboard from pallets. Add a few legs to one or more pallets, and you have a functional office desk.

When it comes to building home and yard furnishings from recycled wooden pallets, you are only limited by your imagination.

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