4 Ingredient Raspberry Sangria Popsicle

I love sangria! Refreshing, fruity, and so easy to make! Sangria is definitely a Summer time beverage. Grab your favourite pitcher, a bottle wine, some cold pressed juice, and toss in some fresh berries or sliced oranges…its that simple! You can use red wine or white, its all up to you and of course what you have in stock. What I like to do when entertaining is to make a batch in advance and freeze it overnight in ice cube trays. This way you can make sure that your yummy summer punch stays nice and cold - throw in those sangria-ice cubes into the pitcher or add one or two into each glass. Its great and also just adds that extra 'yes-I'm thinking of every detail this evening' element. Your guests will definitely appreciate it, trust me. Besides, there's nothing worse than room temperature sangria or any cool intended beverage... Aren't I right?

Anyway, so this got me thinking. What about making something frozen? Like a granita or slushy? Hmmm but perhaps too messy and can melt in a flash, especially depending on wha type of Summer's day it is. And then it came to me... adult popsicles! That's when I remembered one summer at the beach seeing a girl walking around topless selling vodka infused freezes - what a fun and brilliant idea! Why not do the same with your favourite summer time BBQ drink? All you need are those make-it-yourself-popicle-trays and voi-la! A great Summer treat that you and your friends are sure to enjoy. Now you can also try this with other favourite cocktails, but just make sure you don't go too heavy on the spirits - reason being, they won't freeze very well. Sangria on the other hand is low enough in alcohol that it definitely won't be a problem. Its even nice to see suspended berries or even mint leaves in each popsicle - again, your guests won't be disappointed.

My only words of caution - just make sure your kids at home don't mistake your batch for theirs!

These might just be the best popsicles you have ever tried! They not only look good and refreshing but the taste is out of this world. For this simple four ingredient Raspberry Sangria popsicles recipe you will need some red wine, some pomegranate juice, some sugar and some fresh raspberries. These popsicles are like the superfood version of popsicles (minus the sugar of course). All you have to do to make these tasty popsicles is to mix together the red wine and sugar in a small saucepan on the stove, cooking on low temperature until the sugar dissolves. Then stir in the pomegranate juice and set aside. You can divide your fresh raspberries into the popsicle olds, and then pour the sangria on top of the fruit into the popsicle molds. Then you freeze overnight, and they are ready to go!

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