9 Totally Natural Energy Drinks That Taste and Work Better than Red Bull

Whether youíre starting your New Year with a resolution to eat healthier food, or youíre just trying to make some positive changes in your diet any time of the year, why not start with some high-energy nutritious beverages? Here are 9 natural energy drinks thatíll boost your energy without sugar or caffeine!

Yes, in the past it was might have been fun to drink sugar-laced soda and hot drinks overflowing with caffeine Ė but now that weíre a little older, dealing with overtaxed adrenal glands, hypertension, and caffeine burnout, itís time to start looking for a healthy alternative. (Actually, itís probably never a good idea to consume too much sugar and caffeine, no matter what age you are). We really understand, though: once youíre hooked, it can be really hard to find a good coffee replacement. At least, up until now! These drinks are as delicious as they are revitalizing Ė and because they are easy on blood sugar levels, you wonít have to deal with the inevitable energy crash that caffeine and sugar set you up for.

The first one is a beautiful Matcha Green Tea that is not only full of flavour, but with its rich green appearance, is appealing to the eye as well. What exactly is Matcha, you might ask? Good question! Itís a drink made from the leaves of green tea, containing a very small amount of caffeine, plus a wonderful chemical called L-Theanine. L-Theanine is basically an amino acid that can positively affect oneís mood, have a calming effect, as well as gently balance the stimulant affect of caffeine. It can also improve memory and reflexes when combined with small amounts of caffeine. We are only just beginning to understand all of the health benefits of this wonderful substance, but thereís also a very good chance that it can promote longevity as well.

Matcha Green Tea, then, is relaxing to sip but can gently strengthen the metabolism, boost the immune system, and give us clarity of mind as well. Itís easy to make and you can drink it either hot (highly recommended!) or cold. The next natural energy-boosting drink on our list is the Coco-Hydro Smoothie. Wow, doesnít that make your mouth water just hearing the name? This healthy, invigorating drink is made with coconut water, bananas and a few other delicious ingredients you wonít want to leave out! Itís guaranteed to not only give you energy but it will also promote healthy cell growth because itís chock-full of potassium!

And letís talk about protein energy drinks for a second because we all know just how important it is to get enough protein in our diet every day, right? Every single cell in our bodies is made up of protein, and several other special ingredients - but protein is one of the most important ones. We need it to manufacture hormones and enzymes; it helps make up our bones, cartilage, muscles, blood, and skin. Our fingernails and hair are comprised mostly of protein as well.

So drinking a high-protein beverage at least once a day should be on our list of dietary priorities if we want more energy and improved health in general. Thatís why the Protein Power-Up drink is highly recommended as a potential breakfast, brunch, or lunch staple Ė it will get you all revved up for the entire day. Not only is it teeming with cell-nourishing protein, it also includes greens so you are getting the best of all worlds Ė protein and chlorophyll. Whatís so great about chlorophyll? Well, for one thing, it oxygenates the cells, which allows them to grow and regenerate much better Ė and when are cells grow and regenerate better, our whole bodies do too. These are just three of the nine natural energy drinks that can boost your health and well being in wondrous ways. We found the full list over at the Food Matters website, where they share all kinds of great tips on healthier eating. Enjoy!

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