Aliens Walking On The Moon, The Truth Exposed, Apollo 8

The existence of aliens has always been a mystery, even when there are claims and probable proof of them walking among us. And if they really do exist, where is their origin? What planet could they be from and is it possible that they also live on the moon?

Lots of scientists and people who have been following news related to this subject are always on the look out for something that could lead to a breakthrough or an answer to this mystery. Today, we discovered something that might be more proof of aliens residing on the moon.

According to a video we found on YouTube, some humanoid figure was seen on the moon and was captured using Google Moon. Zooming in to that said figure, one could assume that it looked like a human creature walking around the surface of the moon. The intriguing part is that it was then again spotted about +615 km from where it was first seen. It could be another one of its kind or itís the same creature that happened to just move.

If you look at the photos carefully, it seems impossible that itís the same humanoid figure that was seen the second time it was spotted. More questions arise from this discovery like could it be that NASA is doing something to manipulate technology, so they could conceal some evidences and proofs of extraterrestrial activities on the moon? And if so, why would they have to hide facts and this kind of information from the masses?

No one knows for sure, but you have to admit that this whole thing just got you wondering as well. Itís always good to question things, because this often leads to new discoveries.

If you want to see the video of this humanoid figure spotted on the moon, check out the YouTube link below.

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