Artax - The Fastest Horse in the World

Guys, we all know that the only thing faster is light. If you think you can beat light, I’d bet my million dollars… if I had it. However, when it comes to horses, there is light’s great contender. Do you know who the horse version of light is? In fact, he is the world’s fastest horse. Brace yourselves as you prepare to meet him, lads! This is going to be the fastest horseback riding experience. Give it up for Artax! *claps* *standing ovation*

Artax is a Champion American Stallion racehorse. The name Artax reminds me of the horse in the book ‘The Neverending Story’, a children’s fantasy book by Michael Ende. “Was he named after the horse in the novel?” Yes, he is. *winks* Anyway, Artax wins the Eclipse Award when he broke three track records – the Breeders' Cup Sprint, Carter Handicap, and Forest Hills Handicap, plus a win in Vosburgh Stakes. According to Wikipedia, in 1999, Lee Chang Ferrell, “an inebriated man walked under the rail at Pimlico Racecourse on Preakness Day and stood in front of the field.” Ferrell tries to hit Artax as it comes by. “The horse moved over several paths, making contact with other horses and wrenching his ankle.” Lucky Ferrell is lucky because he didn’t get any injuries.

In 2000, Artax retired from racing. He stays at some farms including Clermont Farm in New York, Taylor Made Farm in Kentucky and Diamond G Ranch in Edmond, Oklahoma. He is then transferred to Haras Santa Tereza do Bom Retiro in Brazil. Horses Diabolical and Friendly Michelle are Artax’s most remarkable offspring. And sad news for newborn Artax fans, he has passed. He died due to complications in colic at an equine hospital on the 12th of January, 2012.

But guys, his amazing speed will remain in our hearts, To get a little glimpse of Artax horse racing career, click on Horse Hats website below.

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