Beautiful Stuff Made from Waste Items

If you're always in search for great crafting and diy ideas you have to check out all of this beautiful stuff made from waste materials on Ankit Vaja's YouTube channel. When you're looking for a quick and easy craft to make, but don't have time to go out and purchase all of the supplies to make one, just look in your recycle bin or your cabinet for empty containers. Using waste materials for diy projects is one of the great ways to recycle items and give them new life. Even though many cities and centres around the globe have access to recycling services, many people in smaller towns do not have these services yet. Others just forget to recycle and sort their plastics and paper items so it just doesn't get done and ends up in the landfill. Throwing away waste materials like these in the landfill means that the plastics will have to biodegrade with the rest of the trash ending up in the earth, taking years, and sometimes decades to decompose completely. Burning plastics is also a big hazard, releasing toxins and chemicals into the air we breathe so that's not an effective way to get rid of the plastic either.

Good thing there are an increasing number of ways to recycle plastics and waste materials, not only diy projects, but recycling the materials into everyday items like water bottles, shopping bags, clothing and even furniture. There are brands that pride themselves on taking recycled materials and make them into something amazing. They know the impact plastics have on the environment and the animals and humans that share the Earth. There are so many deaths that occur in wildlife because of plastics that were not recycled. Birds get stuck in plastic can rings, and cows have even eaten plastic bags which accumulate in their stomach creating many health concerns. It's definitely time that we all became more conscious of our use of products and implement reusing them or up cycling them where we can. There are great documentaries showcasing the concept of zero waste and how people are able to live without plastics. Using re-fillable containers instead of buying a new bottle every time is a great idea, or using your reusable grocery bags instead of the plastic ones. Then, of course, there are awesome diy ideas like these ones in the video that will help make your home even more waste free.

You'll be so excited to see all of the great ideas in this video. Even though there's no instructions on how to make each one of them, it definitely gives you some ideas to work with. You can choose your favourite ones and then Google how to make it. For example, if you want to make the really cool tire seat, just search "diy rope tire seat" and there should be some good options that come up. This is such a cool way to create some extra seating for our in the yard or within your home that wouldn't cost you to much. If you or someone you know is getting new tires put on their car, just take them and transform them into a useful piece of furniture. There are also other practical diy ideas showing us ways to recycle plastic bottles into a phone holder for when you're charging your phone, a planter or into christmas ornaments for Christmas time. If you love candles, you'll love the diy idea for the candle holder made from a CD and some pretty glass beads or marbles. Which ones are your favourite diy ideas and which ones do you see yourself trying out?***

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