Broccoli Cheese Soup

Sometimes you just want a nice warm bowl of soup to warm you up from the inside out. This Broccoli cheese soup is a simple and unique soup recipe we are featuring here. Are your kids eating vegetables? If not, this recipe will make sure they are getting a good dose of broccoli and maybe change their minds about what they think about vegetables. It can be tough to get your kids to eat their vegetables sometimes, but it seems that any recipe that you put cheese in, kids will drop whatever they are doing and come running to eat it up! Cheese has that way of enticing almost anyone actually. The smooth, creamy and salty food that makes anything taste better instantly. So keep in mind that cheese is an instant recipe improver!

Here is an interesting fact about soups. The existence of soups dates back to 20,000 BC. Wow! Who would have ever realize that soups were that old of a recipe? It came from the French word soupe which came from the latin word suppa which means bread soaked in broth. There are 2 variations of soup recipes. There are clear soup recipes, which consist of a clear broth, usually a bone broth made from boiling the bones of a chicken, cow, fish or pig. Clear soup broth recipes can also be derived from boiling vegetables in water as well for a vegetarian version. Once the broth is made, noodles or vegetables and meat is added in for substance, but you can also just drink bone broth as a drink and receive all of the amazing health benefits it has to offer. Then there are thick soup recipes like this broccoli cheese soup recipe. Usually a thick soup is made with the base ingredients in this case, broccoli, cream and cheese, and blended with a hand blender or in a counter top blender until relatively smooth. Just as the broth soup, you can add back in ingredients once your soup base is made.

In this recipe, you will need broccoli florets. Do you know how to cut broccoli easily? Here are some helpful tips for you to try out. For the larger floret, you need to cut just above the thick stem, so the smaller stems are free to separate. For the smaller floret, cut closer to the head of each smaller stem. As we all know, broccoli is a vegetable with a large flowering head. This nutritious vegetable can be eaten boiled, steamed or raw, in soups, salads and as a side dish. You can also include this vegetable in different recipes like casserole recipes as well. Broccoli was brought to England from Antwerp in the mid 18 century by Peter Scheemakers. It was first introduced in the United States by Italian immigrants. Now it is extremely easy to find broccoli at any grocery store as well as even grow it in your own back yard garden fairly easily.

This recipe is easily made by sautéing the vegetables and boiling them in some vegetable broth. There are even some carrots in this soup recipe, so you will be getting a good dose of vegetables and vitamins with this soup. Once everything is combined, the cheddar cheese is added into the mix and melted in the hot soup, making it nice and thick and creamy. The author of the recipe also recommends adding in some hot sauce in the soup! That would taste really good, but you have to like spicy food to enjoy that. Another great addition would be some home made croutons on top of the soup! Enjoy this great broccoli cheddar soup however you dress it up!


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