Carrot Pineapple Cake

Who doesn't love a good Carrot cake? I know I sure love carrot cake! Well, now here's a recipe for a carrot AND pineapple cake! If you are in the mood to try something new and surprise your family with a new recipe, here is a great one to try. This decadent looking three layer cake looks like a normal carrot cake, you would never know there was pineapple in it, adding even more nutrients and moisture. The recipe is very easy to follow and the photos will make you salivate wanting a taste of the cream cheese icing and carrot pineapple goodness.

The article on What's Cooking America , even has links to teach you the "Basic rules of baking" , "Secrets of a successful cake" and even more great cake recipes. This would be an awesome addition to any dinner, gathering or potluck. I bet people would be asking you for the recipe after they had a piece or even two of this yummy cake. The recipe ends with a cream cheese icing recipe, which every one knows, cream cheese icing is a must with any kind of carrot cake. I imagine the pineapple pairing really nicely with the carrot cake and all the spices that are in it too! I have a lot of fans of carrot cake in my family so this recipe is definitely going to be tried on them soon! Try it out on your family and friends too! Bring it to your next gathering, making it for some one's birthday! I am sure they would love it!

Head on over to the What's Cooking America website and check it out. Personally, I would maybe use real pineapple instead of the canned. Real or frozen is always better than canned.

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