Cheesy Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is a staple in Italian restaurants. It's quite customary to pair any pasta dish with a slice or two of garlic bread or bread sticks. Your typical garlic bread might as well be just toast with butter, one variant of cheese then sprinkled with garlic powder. Well, here's something to enhance our favorite side bread. Cheesy Garlic Bread, made with three different cheeses. Such a delight for cheese-lovers, like me.

For this recipe,the bread used is genuine and legit Italian bread. The one baked with butter, olive oil, parsley and mounds of garlic. Now, let's talk about the best ingredient(s) of this recipe, the CHEESE! Like I said earlier, this version of garlic bread uses 3 types of cheeses. First is Parmesan, for its flavorful 'umami' sensation, second is Mozzarella for the its soft flavor but glue-y texture and lastly White Cheddar Cheese for its sharp and biting taste. Not your conventional garlic bread I might say. The best thing about this garlic bread recipe is that it isn't necessarily just a side dish. You can actually have this for breakfast or a snack. You can make as much as you want for lunch or dinner, store the leftover bread then just re-heat it once you have the hankering for something flavorful and cheesy. That's a great thought isn't it?

Turning this ordinary side dish into an altogether different dish is easy with this recipe. If you're having delicious pasta or soup, its easy to ignore the side bread especially if its made ordinarily. But having 3-Cheese Garlic Bread as a side is a definite way to perk up your meal, especially if you made it your self. You'll never look at garlic bread the same way again.

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