Chicago Style Italian Beef Hoagies

This Chicago Style Italian Beef Hoagies Recipe uses chuck roast to give this sandwich recipe big flavor. The chuck roast is braised until nice and tender. You can either simmer the chuck roast on your stovetop or place in a Dutch oven in a 350-degree oven and bake for 2 1/2 hours. This sandwich recipe combines beef with bell peppers and spices for a sandwich recipe you will love. Beef and bell peppers is always a good combination in recipes. You will find the two used in stir fry recipes, sandwich recipes, slow cooker pepper steak recipes, and stuffed pepper recipes to name a few.

Beef is meat that comes from bovines, mostly from cattle but also to includes buffalo and bison. Beef can be harvested from bulls, steers or heifers. Depending where you are in the world the acceptability of beef as a food source can vary. Beef muscle meat can be cut into short ribs, roasts, or steaks such as filet mignon, rump steak, sirloin steak, rib steak, rib eye steak, and hanger steak. Some beef cuts are processed such as corned beef or beef jerky, and the beef trimmings, which are usually mixed with meat from older, leaner cattle, are ground and minced for use in sausages. Beef is the meat that is the third most widely consumed in the world and accounts for about 25 percent of world meat production, after pork and poultry. The United States, Brazil, and China are the world's three largest consumers of beef.

Bell pepper are a fruit that comes in different colors, that include red, yellow, orange, green, chocolate/brown, vanilla/white, and purple. Bell peppers are sometimes grouped with the less pungent pepper varieties known as sweet peppers. Bell peppers are native to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. The ribs and seeds that are found inside bell peppers can also be consumed, but some people find the taste to be on the bitter side. The misleading name of pepper was given to the fruit by Christopher Columbus who upon bringing the plant back to Europe. Today, you will find China as the world's largest producer of peppers, followed by Mexico and Indonesia. The main colors you will find bell peppers in are green, yellow, orange and red. The more rare colors include brown, white, lavender, or dark purple, depending on the variety of the pepper. The green bell pepper is just a bell pepper that is unripe. Red bell peppers are simply the ripened green peppers. Green peppers are not as sweet and slightly more bitter than the yellow and orange peppers, with red bell peppers being the sweetest. Red peppers have twice the vitamin C content of green peppers.

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