Chicken Enchiladas Suiza Enchiladas with Sour Cream Cheese Sauce

Looking for an easy chicken enchilada recipe to cook for your family tonight? Then you might want to try this yummy Chicken Enchiladas Suiza, otherwise known as “Enchiladas with Sour Cream Cheese Sauce”, recipe from the “Big Oven” website. Stuffed with chicken and cheese and smothered with cheesy sour cream sauce, this corn tortilla wrap recipe is guaranteed to please even the toughest crowd. It’s also one of the healthier low-fat enchilada recipes out there, simply because the cooking method does not require you to fry the tortillas in lard. Rather, you just warm them with the enchilada sauce itself, or better yet – heat them in the oven.

This chicken enchiladas recipe will make up to six servings and you can make it in less than an hour. It calls for Monterey Jack cheese, which is not only a delicious form of cheese, but it’s also one of the healthiest cheese choices as well. With just a hundred calories per ounce, Monterey Jack won’t cause you to gain weight if you eat it in moderation. It is also very low in sodium compared to many other kinds of cheese. Another reason why this chicken enchilada recipe is a natural, healthy one is because it calls for butter rather than margarine. With a yummy, guilt-free cheese and chicken tortilla recipe like this one, you may want to make more than just one batch.

Enchiladas are a Mexican dish that consists of corn tortillas that are stuffed with filling and smothered in a sauce of hot chili peppers. You can fill enchiladas with chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, cheese, beans, potatoes, or whatever your imagination inspires you to use. A very common question with Mexican recipes is what’s the difference between an enchilada and a burrito? Due to conflicting sources, this is not always the easiest question to answer. Most agree, however, that their main difference lies in their ingredients and wrapping style. Although the two Mexican dishes are very similar, enchiladas are most often made with corn tortillas, while burritos are made with wheat flour tortillas. Enchiladas are most often filled with meats, beans, vegetables, and cheese, and are topped with spicy chili sauce, while burritos are most often filled with refried beans, meat, and rice. No sauce is added to burrito recipes. While enchiladas are rolled into cylindrical shapes, burritos are folded into neat “packages” that don’t spill their contents very easily. While people often eat their enchiladas with a knife and a fork, burritos can be picked up in the hands and eaten that way, as you would eat a wrap or a sandwich. Furthermore, burritos tend to be much larger than enchiladas.

This delicious chicken enchiladas recipe comes from the “Big Oven” website where you can find all manner of recipes for any occasion. They have an excellent selection of breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, and supper recipes as well as beverage recipes, snack recipes, appetizer recipes, and dessert recipes. This site is very easy to navigate and they even have a handy search box at the top of the Home Page where you can type in any kind of recipe, ingredient, or meal you are looking for and a whole array of choices will pop up. As a member, you can collect your favourite recipes, get ideas, and even use their helpful meal planner and grocery list features. You can join the “Big Oven” for free and even submit recipes of your own, which is wonderful if you enjoy sharing recipes as much as you enjoy finding them.

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