Chocolate Chip Smore Cookies

You won't be able to resist this Chocolate Chip Smore Cookies Recipe. This cookie recipe combines two classic recipes into a dessert both you and the family will love. This will more than satisfy any sweet craving you might have. To make the main part of this dessert recipe, you will need to follow the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. Before you start the next step, you will want to allow the chocolate chip cookies to cool completely before you start spreading on the s'more parts. To finalize this cookie recipe, you will just need to melt your chocolate and toast the marshmallows. One important note about melting chocolate on the stove top is to make sure you never allow any water to splash into your chocolate. This would ruin the consistency required. This cookie recipe looks as good as it tastes; it's an excellent cookie recipe for after school lunches, bake sales, or dessert tables. These cookies won't last long.

S'mores are a traditional treat recipe that is most often found at nighttime campfires. The treat recipe is popular in the United States and Canada and consists of a fire-toasted the marshmallow and a layer of chocolate that is sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. Did you know that there is a National S'mores Day that are celebrated annually on August 10? A s'mores recipe wouldn't work without the addition of chocolate and marshmallow. Along with its yummy taste, milk chocolate contains good amounts of protein, calcium, and iron, with dark chocolate containing higher amounts of iron, but less calcium and protein per serving. Chocolate tastes good on its own but is a popular addition to beverage recipes, pie recipes, cookie recipes, cake recipes, ice cream recipes and savory dishes.

Did you know that the use of the marshmallow plant to make dessert recipe dates back all the way to ancient Egypt? In those days, a marshmallow recipe would call for extracting sap from the marshmallow plant and mixing it with nuts and honey. Other marshmallow recipes used the pith of the marshmallow plant, instead of the marshmallow sap. The stem of the marshmallow plant would be peeled back to reveal a soft and spongy pith; that was then boiled into a sugary syrup and then dried to produce a soft, chewy marshmallow treat. You could also find the marshmallow plant's sap used by the gladiators of ancient Rome. They would use the sap to rub on their bodies in preparation for fights. Two of the most popular recipes you will find marshmallows used in today are toasted in s'mores dessert recipes and as an ingredient in Rice Krispy treats.

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