Did NASA Capture An Alien And Its Shadow On The Moon?

We have that famous photograph of the Big Foot siting here on Earth and now we have this very interesting photograph that was captured by NASA of a shadowy figure spotted on the moon's surface. Of course this image is capturing the attention of Internet users.

Well likely this is a trick of shadows and light off a camera lens. This shadowy figure grabbed the media's attention. Google Moon, is a collection of millions of NASA images that are made public. On the face, this figures looks like a shadow which could be created by any number of geological formations that exist on the moon.

Media sites point the figure's shape to resemble "The Colossus of Rhodes', which is an ancient Greek statue. History tells us this sunk into a harbor in 226 B.C. after a massive earthquake. Wowforreeel from the Daily Mail seemed to think it looked like an alien walking alongside its own shadow. Speculation and theories fill the imaginations of the human species.

The Internet with its ability for immediate access to images every second of life gives us all the ability to view images and be apart of thoughts and theories in our own minds. If you are interested in space information there are wonderful resources for photo's that you can access. When you visit the 'Huff Post' link below you are also able to access links to photos taken by NASA's rover Curiosity.

Speaking of the rovers that we from planet Earth have placed on the moon, who is to say that other planets have not also placed or visited the moon as well?

Space, The Final Frontier opens our minds to endless possibilities and speculations! Internet users will always have the opportunity to decide for themselves...is it rock? shadow and light or maybe, it really is an alien!

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