Does 'Dragon Particle' Found in Earth's Stratosphere Offer Proof of Alien Life?

For years people have questioned whether or not there is extraterrestrial life in the universe. The following article "Does 'Dragon Particle' Found in Earth's Stratosphere Offer Proof of Alien Life?" might just have the answer.

A first time ever photograph taken of a mysterious dragon shaped organism found in space may reveal the existence of alien life, and suggest that all life on Earth including humans is extraterrestrial in origin. The organism was discovered in dust and particulate matter gathered deep in the Earth's stratosphere is called biological entity. Milton Wainwright is the discoverer who says that the photo shows a structure called the dragon particle, which scientific analysis shows is made of carbon and oxygen and for that reason is not a piece of cosmic or volcanic dust. Wainwright also added that this is not a biology entity, but it is unclear whether it is part of a single organism or made up of smaller individual microbes. He goes on to say that it is unusual and seems to be like nothing found on Earth and these organisms appear on the sampling stubs in an absolutely pristine condition with no pollen, grass or pollution particles found with them, or any soil or volcanic dust. Wainwright also adds that unless a means of lifting them from Earth exists that will selectively sieves them out from other Earth debris, then they must be coming from space. Wainwright concludes that this, plus the fact that some of the biological material samples by the team produce impact craters when they hit the sampler in turn confirms their space origin.

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