Double Berry-Almond Galette

Pies are always a spring and summer favourite! This Double Berry-Almond Galette is no exception, this is a beautiful type of pie that you could incorporate some fresh or frozen berries into and enjoy nature's bounty in the sweetest way! The colours of this pie are so beautiful, the deep blues and royal purples. I can only imagine how amazing it would taste! This pie calls for blue berries and black berries, but you could incorporate other dark berries into the pie, like saskatoon berries, or black currants. The filling is all berries so get all of the berries you can get your hands on! Summer time is the perfect time to be able to find all of those amazing berries in the wild. You can forage for them out in nature, maybe even right in your own back yard. Once you harvest so many berries, you can freeze them to use in the future, for desserts and recipes like this one! Plus, they are always great in smoothies, so its always nice to have them in your freezer.

The pastry is a typical pie pastry, but the instructions do give a handy tip for the crust, to add a small amount of vodka to the dough when you are mixing it, which will give it a nice and flaky crust. They make their's by hand too, which adds to the consistency of the crust. The things I was taught about pie pastry is to not handle it too much, since it makes it tough. The less you handle it, the lighter and flakier it will be. Which is generally what you want from a pastry crust. Doing it any other way might give you a crust more like a cookie dough.

Pies are great in all flavours and something I always loved growing up, and even now. My one grandmother always made the best apple pies, with the apples from her garden. Her pastry was always the best, nice and flaky, and the apple filling was out of this world! Sometimes people just have the magic touch when it comes to baking and my grandma certainly did! The other berry pie I always loved was a Saskatoon berry pie made with Saskatoons that grow where I grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. We would spend all afternoon bearing the mosquitoes to pick buckets of these awesome berries, eating a few along the way of course, and then my other grandmother would bake them into Saskatoon berry pies! They were the best hot out of the oven with some vanilla ice cream on top, or some whipped cream.

This is a recipe you could save for a day that you dedicate to going to a farm to pick blue berries or forage for black berries or currants, and then make the pies that day, or save them in the freezer to bake them into a pie later on. It's a fun way to spend a summer day. It's a reminder that the simpler things in life can sometimes make the best moments. Give this one a try! Go over to 'My Recipes' website for this recipe by following the link in the description below!

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