Easy Apple Dumplings

We are featuring easy apple dumplings in this fabulous recipe. Apple pie is likely one of the most traditional desserts that you can bake. It is actually in the top five favourite types of pie in the world. The other popular types of pie are pecan, cherry, lemon meringue pie, and banana cream pie. While pie is amazing just the way that it is, there are other ways that you can enjoy that apple pie flavour. These apple pie dumplings are an easy way to get that familiar baked apple flavor, but instead of using typical pie pastry, you use crescent rolls to surround the apples. This dessert also calls for 7-up or lemon soda, brown sugar, and cinnamon and when you prepare and bake this recipe, it forms a sweet sauce that coats and cooks the apples, I bet your sense of smell and taste can start to imagine it now! There is nothing better than the smell of apple desserts and healthy apple dessert recipes baking in your home.

When it comes to using apples in a recipe, there is so much that you can do. You will see apples in apple cake recipes with fresh apples, recipes with granny smith apples, easy apple recipes, healthy apple dessert recipes, quick and easy apple desserts and so much more. It's good to know that just because you see apple trees doesn't mean that all apples are good for baking. Some apple trees can be too tart, sweet or not the best texture or flavors for quick and easy apple desserts. Some apples disintegrate when baked, and others release way too much liquid making the easy apple recipes too runny and difficult to eat. The way you cut the apples for a dessert recipe will also make a difference in how the simple apple desserts, simple apple cake from scratch and the healthy apple dessert recipes turn out. An easy apple recipes tip is to slice the apples in chunks which allow the apples in the recipe to maintain more of their texture than shredding them into small pieces for the easy apple recipes. Whether you are making simple apple desserts or healthy apple desserts, you will want to use the apples that are recommended in the recipe directions to ensure the best results.

Another important factor in making apple dessert recipes is the age of the apple. For the best flavor in the recipe, you want to make pies that are best when baked right when the apples are harvested, so that would be fall through winter. The shelf life of apples that are kept in proper storage facilities is about ten months. After that, when apples are placed out of their storage environments into grocery stores, their cell structure will quickly start to break down, and they end up over-ripening and their texture changes. You don't want to make as apple pie recipe or an apple dumpling recipe with mushy apples after all. Apples that are on their way out are better used for making juices or better yet, apple sauce recipes out of.

Thank you to Vera at the "Oh My Goodness Chocolate Desserts" recipe site for sharing this simple apple desserts for easy apple dumplings. This is just one of the quick and easy apple desserts you will find on the site. Vera is a wife and stay at home mother. Some of the recipes you will find on the site include cookie recipes, cupcake recipes, bread recipes, cake recipes, savory recipes, salad recipes and more. You will also find cheesecake recipes, brownie and bar recipes, healthy apple dessert recipes and plenty more. *

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