Easy Back to School Breakfasts

The time of year for back to school always gets super busy, and there always seems to be so much to do. But luckily, here are some great ideas for Easy Back to School Breakfasts to make your mornings easier when your kids or you are going back to school or to work. These are aimed at kids, but adults may love them too, so why not make your life a lot easier and more fun, by trying out these awesome back to school breakfasts? The mornings always seem to come too early, and there is never enough time it seems to get a really good meal. Unless you plan ahead of course, which is the motive of this post! It is so important for people to have a good breakfast to start the day. Especially something that has some protein in it. This not only helps to set your metabolism for the day, but also helps to keep your brain functioning at the optimum level as well. Kids especially need this fuel, since they are growing so fast, and they need proper nutrients to keep them healthy and strong!

Planning ahead is the key to being organized and fitting in everything that you need to fit into a day. That's why these Easy Back to School Breakfasts are such a great idea! There are so many of them that you can pick which ones you think would be best for you and your kids, and just plan out which ones to do on each day! Such awesome ideas here from the Southern Bite blog. I love that breakfast pizza idea, and would love to try it out. I bet kids would love it too! Pizza for breakfast is so cool! Its got tons of good stuff like cheese, meat and eggs with a crust too. They would be fun for adults to eat as well! Why not have something fun for breakfast? It is a great way to start the day, and its always nice when you and your family can eat together too, it creates a nice little morning ritual that the whole family benefits from.

The corn bread and sausage idea is also a great one, a perfect grab and go kind of breakfast for if you are in a rush. There are also some great sweet breakfast ideas too, like muffins with banana in them and cinnamon rolls. The almond and cream cheese danish looks really awesome too. And as always, oatmeal is always a really good bet for a hearty and quick breakfast. Just add some honey and fruit, and you're good to go! These are all really awesome ideas to try out and they would all be so fun to try. Maybe have your kids pick out the ones they would like, and have them help you do all of the prep work to get them ready for the upcoming week. It's great practice for them, so that they know how to make them in the future for themselves when they are on their own and it's great bonding time to make things together in the kitchen too! Try some of these out on your kids! Follow the link in the section below to the 'Southern Bite' for more!

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