Easy Pecan Pie is made without Corn Syrup

This is a recipe for an Easy Pecan Pie that we are excited to feature. Pecan pie is very popular. Most pecan pies use corn syrup and this one does not. Follow this link for the full recipe for Easy Pecan Pie from Spend with Pennies. Okay so we know that eating pie isn't supposed to be healthy. It is, after all, a dessert, but that does not mean that we should not try to bake with the healthiest choices of ingredients.

Lets talk about the pecans themselves. These nuts are native to the central and southern parts of the USA. Pecans offer a rich source of energy, they provide 690 calories/100 g and are filled with beneficial nutrients. They also provide minerals and vitamins as well as are high in antioxidants.

Pecans offer the diets and increase in the good cholesterol levels in the blood. Their rich supply of many phyto-chemical substances and antioxidant activity, work together to help protect our bodies from cancers, infections, and diseases. Rich in Vitamin E and the B-complex group they work as co-factors for enzymes metabolism in our bodies.

They also provide minerals. Just a hand full of pecans daily will give a sufficient level of minerals, vitamins and protein to the average body.

Pecans can be eaten on their own, salted or sweetened. They are the reason that the pecan pie is so popular. Their butter consistency is high is sweet taste.

The recipe here calls for a premade pie crust. Pie crusts are also very easy to make from scratch, requiring only a few ingredients and resulting in a perfect shell to hold this delicious pie.

You can just tell by the picture that this pie is going to excite your taste buds with texture and flavors.

So for anyone wanting to know all the magical ingredients and method to bake this dessert please visit the 'Spend With Pennies' website below.

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