Fried Rice with Pineapples

For some, having a medium-rare steak is what they desire most when ordering at a restaurant, and for others, it is fried rice. While tofu fried rice, shrimp fried rice, and chicken fried rice are all great options, none of them compare to the mouth-watering, aromatic pineapple fried rice. You may think that your favorite is shrimp fried rice, but after tasting the acidic pineapple coupled with bacon, your favoritism will change. You will want to devour your food in seconds, and there is no doubt that you won't return to the kitchen for more. This dish is a perfect combination of flavors that is served well with any entrée your heart desires.

There is just something about rice recipes that is comforting, rice is a grain that is widely used in many place around the world. What makes this recipe wonderful is that it is healthier than takeout. You also know exactly what goes into the dish, so you do not have to worry about ingredients being added by a cook. For vegetarians who struggle finding recipes that suit them, this is great option because the bacon can be omitted for similar delicious results. Though this recipe does take some time to prepare because it is best made with day-old rice, your time invested is worth it. Once made, your family will ask you to make it again.

This easy pineapple recipe, is cooked in a wok and combines ingredients like fresh pineapple, bacon, carrots, peas and ginger. It's a healthier version of a fried rice recipe, and even better than take out. To start you can prep your vegetables. Dice the onion, carrots and pineapple into pieces that are bite size. Then cook the bacon and crumble it. Get all your ingredients ready so you can add them quickly to your wok when you need to. Heat the wok on medium high heat.

Start to cook your carrots, onions, garlic, peas and ginger. Add the Shaoxing wine and pineapple and cook for a few minutes. Add the bacon to the pan and stir well. Now you can put the pineapple mixture onto a plate, and wipe out the wok and go on to heat some canola oil. Heat the oil in the wok until a drop of water makes it sizzle. Then add the rice and toss it well with the oil, in the pan. At this point you can add the pineapple mixture and stir again. Once all the ingredients are mixed throughly, you can add some soy sauce, and stir till mixed together and serve.

Thought that it originated in the city of Yangzhou in the Jiangsu providence. Today, it is a loved dish by many across the world. Its flexibility to add and take out ingredients helps accommodate a variety of tastes among family members and party attendees.

This pineapple fried rice recipe is one to keep handy and pass out to all of your friends. It is simple and will keep everyone content. In many tropical countries you will also find pineapples sold right from the side of the road, as a nice snack. You might have the option to purchase a whole pineapple, or a halved pineapple sold with a stick through it. In the West you will find pineapple slices with cherries placed in the middle as a popular garnish on baked hams at dinner tables. Pineapple chunks are also a great addition to fruit salads, as pizza toppings, and grilled pineapple rings on hamburgers. Grilling pineapple on the barbecue caramelizes the pineapple because of the natural sugars in the fruit. You can find crushed pineapple in things like sweets, ice cream, jam and yogurt. Pineapple juice is a refreshing drink, and used in cocktails like the pina colada. Pineapple juice added to smoothies is also good.

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