Fun Ways For Leftover Red Wine

Oh, What to do with the leftover wine! (If there is any). A party often includes the presence of wine. The enjoyment of drinking wine with meals and at parties is widespread. Fabulous wines are produced worldwide. Did you know that along with it being a very social drink, red wine also offers health benefits? So while you are enjoying the party, you may also be helping in reducing the heart disease. Yes, you heard me right. According to research, drinking red wine moderately, as in a glass a day improves cardiovascular health. This is because of the antioxidants present in the seeds and skin of grapes use in red wine.

Did you know that there is a way which you can preserve leftover wine from the party? No need to throw away that little bit at the bottom of the bottle any more All you have to do is to freeze it. Pour the leftover red wine into your ice cube tray and freeze. If you have a recipe for a sauce that calls for a small bit of wine, you will have these small amounts ready to use.

A second thing you can do is make red wine syrup. It is very easy to do. Just pour the leftover red wine into a pot, and then boil and simmer until it is thick or syrupy. As it simmers, the alcohol will completely gone. The red wine syrup will come out sweet and tangy. This syrup is good for any kinds of desserts like ice cream, fruits, salad dressings and many more.

Question is, do the benefits of the wine still there even if it is being frozen or cooked? The answer is yes. You can still enjoy the essence of red wine after it is frozen. There will be a slight changes of the taste, but the benefits remain. How about in red wine syrup? Yes, it still has the benefits. In fact, some health stores sell Red Wine Extract as folk medicine.

So, donít let the health benefits of the enjoyable juice for party go to waste. There are fun things you can do to them to make it still edible. You just need to be creative!

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