Grilled Avocado, Scallion, and Red Onion

Grilled Avocado, Scallion, and Red Onion are a great way to add some color and healthy ingredients to your meal. Grilled vegetables not only look good but taste great too. Grilling avocado is a good way to get some healthy avocado nutrients into your day. The combination of grilled avocado, scallion and red onion make your grilled food plate stand out from the rest, with lots of green and red with healthy ingredients. Grilling these vegetables is easy to do, just rub some olive oil on the cut side of the avocado, then put it on the grill with the cut side down for approximately 30 seconds. Once all the vegetables are grilled you can put them on your plate and drizzle with some olive oil, some flaked sea salt and sprinkled on some chile. Serve with limes so you can squeeze the lime juice over the avocados.

The addition of grilled avocado in this healthy grilled recipe is the perfect compliment to the grilled chicken in this recipe. These days you will find the avocado fruit readily available in supermarkets and grocery stores all over North America. The popular avocado fruit is a great addition to a wide variety of recipes from quick and easy chicken breast recipes, guacamole recipes, salad recipes, and a favorite on top of toast. Avocados are a fruit that has plenty of avocado nutrients and healthy fats that are good for you. More and more we hear just how good the healthy fats in avocado are, so you don't have to feel bad about eating them. When it comes to buying avocados you want to make sure and purchase them when they are just ripe. Holding an avocado in your hand and gently squeezing is a way to figure out how ripe avocados are. Avocados that are too hard will need to be further ripened which can be done on the countertop, and for avocados that are already ripe and ready to eat, you can place them in the refrigerator until they are ready to use. Avocado nutrients you will find in avocados include B vitamins and vitamin K and dietary fiber, with amounts of vitamin C and vitamin E, and lesser amounts of iron and calcium. About 75 percent of and avocados energy comes from monosaturated fat as oleic acid.

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