Homemade Chicken & Biscuits

This delicious Chicken and Biscuit recipe are good old comfort food. What is it about this dish that puts it into that category? I guess the other way to think of it is chicken and dumplings and that as we all know is part of a very old folksong, "She'll be Coming' Around the Mountain when she comes, we'll kill the old red rooster and we'll be havin Chicken and Dumplings!" This song dates way back to about 1927. If they were singing about this food then, well it must of be a good old staple that has been passed down from generation to generation in one form or another.

Dumplings in many recipes got changed to biscuits, but the chicken stayed in the pot! No doubt this food goes back even further in European countries. The basic ingredients would have been more common. In old-fashioned times, flour, eggs, chicken, butter, carrots and peas would have been raised and grown. This would have been one very hearty dish for the lady of the house to put together when the men came in hungry off the fields!

The recipe we are featuring is done in a 9x13-inch baking dish and takes advantage of storebought biscuits, although you could, of course, make your own from scratch if you prefer. This recipe also uses cooked chicken chopped into cubes but again, if you want to get a couple of chicken breasts, cube them and fast fry them, that would be another way to go.

Following the recipe exactly, or making a few alterations, the result is going to be a family sitting at the table with big smiles and lots of compliments as they chow down!

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