The Easy Way To Clean Your Waffle Iron

Have a waffle iron and enjoy using it on the weekends but don't like the long process of getting into all the hard to reach spots? If you have better things to do with your weekend than clean, then this post will save you the time you value!

Becky, from the Mama's Girls blog had this problem until she discovered that her waffle iron could clean itself! Clean itself?! Yeah! We all love and easier option right? Why make things harder than they have to be? As you'll see in the article with step by step instructions and great, detailed photos, the process really couldn't be any easier. All you need is a cloth, some water and your hot ( unplugged ) griddle, and thats it, you just let it clean itself! The cleaning process is probably the hardest thing about having and using a waffle maker, isn't it? All the teeny tiny spaces for the batter to settle in and get encrusted. And making them at home is a way better option than buying the frozen ones filled with preservatives! You know exactly what goes into your mix and can tweak it to your liking. Its so awesome that some one else has figured out an easier way to clean these grills! You basically just let the steam do its work.

So next time you make waffles at home, be sure you have read this article in the link, and save yourself and your family some time that would be better spent doing something enjoyable on the weekend. Make more time for you and let yourself take the easy way out! You will be so glad you did! Head on over to Mama's Girls blog where you can find the article, as well as many other fun things!

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