How to EASILY Clean Ceilings and Walls Even in a Greasy Kitchen Without Chemicals

Whether itís spring cleaning time or not, itís always a good idea to wash down your walls and scrub your ceilings on a regular basis Ė especially in the kitchen because thatís where it matters most! Hereís how to easily clean ceilings and walls, even in a greasy kitchen, without using any harsh chemicals at all. Itís one of those facts of life: no matter how many times you clean it, the kitchen never stays clean for long. Someone will come along, possibly even you, and mess it up again. More than any other room in the house, except for the bathroom, of course, the kitchen can really take a beating. And, if you do a lot of cooking on the stove, grease can easily build up on the ceilings and walls, and before too long you will have unsightly yellow splotches appearing everywhere. Thatís when you know itís time to do something. But what? How can you thoroughly clean your kitchen ceiling and walls without using heavy-duty chemicals? Is it even possible? Yes, it is, and this is how it is done.

Cleaning your kitchen walls and ceiling does not have to be hard; it doesnít have to be time-consuming, and it doesnít have to be toxic. Instead, it can be easy, quick, and all-natural! Thatís great news, right? All you need are a few important cleaning tools, and this otherwise dirty job will only take you about fifteen minutes. First of all, you need to start with a fresh mop head Ė one that has never been used before, so you donít have to worry about adding to the grease stains rather than removing them! Go out and buy yourself a brand new mop head to work with; itíll be well worth it in the long run. And, you donít want just any mop head, either. You will want to use the sponge kind, not the old-fashioned stringy kind. The sponge will easily clean and absorb all of the dirt you want to get rid of, while the stringy mop will only spread it around even more. You also want the kind of mop that you can wring out with a lever rather than your hands.

The next thing you need is some very hot water. You might even want to boil a pot of water on the stove first. Be careful removing it Ė itís hot! Pour it into a clean bucket. If you are lucky, this is all the cleaner you will need to remove your grease stains. If you need a bit more cleaning power, however, then pour two cups of vinegar into your hot water. That should do the trick! If it doesnít, however, then mix in two tablespoons of Dawn dish detergent. But start with the hot water first, because if youíve got a good spongy mop head, thatís all you will ever need Ė talk about natural cleaners!

Next, just wet your mop head in the hot water and wring it out. Test out its cleaning powers on a small section of your ceiling, just to make sure itís going to work okay. This is a critical step in the process because thereís a tiny chance it will clean everything so well that it will even peel the paint off, and you really donít want to take a chance like that! If everything is going well and the grease is coming off, and the paint is staying on, you are in business. Start with the ceiling first, in case you get drips down your walls Ė you can clean those later. Start in one corner and work you way across the room. Voila, you are done in no time flat. These kitchen-cleaning tips come from the ďProverbs 31 WomanĒ where you can find lots more information on housecleaning and creative home care.

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