Hamburger Steak with Onion Gravy

Do you love hamburgers? I bet you do. They are so tasty and delicious especially when there is mouthwatering gravy poured over it. Are you looking for a nice recipe to try for lunch or dinner? Then you are on the right spot. We have here a delicious hamburger recipe that will make you ask for more.

These easy to make classic tasty hamburger steaks are smothered in gravy and onions. You can either served this with hot rice or potatoes. This recipe is actually a great way to dress up ground beef.

Just what is a hamburger steak? This is ground beefsteak that is shaped into a patty and cooked. Hamburger steak is also similar to the Salisbury steak. Germans made it popular worldwide and became a mainstream dish in around the start of the nineteenth century. According to history, in the early eighteenth century, Hamburg steak was popular among the Germans who claimed to have invented it. There was a tale in Germany that the beef in Hamburg German port was widely known for being minced and chopped. The German butchers borrowed this method from the Russians. In the 1745 cookbook Art of Cookery, it was mentioned that the Hamburg steak was an English creation.

This delicious dish will not be complete if there is no gravy. This delicious sauce is made from the juices of the meat that run during the cooking process and is thickened using flour or cornstarch. For added flavor of the gravy or if you are short on the juices, you can also add meat broth, salt, and a little pepper to taste. You can create your own version of gravy, or just the pre-made ones sold in the grocery stores.

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