How To Freeze Fresh Eggs

How many times in life have you said to yourself "Gosh, I wish I had thought of that!". Well I'm sure you've said that more than once, we all have, and now here's a trick that's going to make you say it again because you're going to learn how to freeze fresh eggs. At first you might be thinking this sounds a bit odd. Admittedly, I was certainly taken aback when I first read the article too. You know very well how to freeze a variety of foods I'm sure. You know the usual like veggies, and fruit that you want to save past summer. Or meats that would otherwise go bad. Maybe even milk, herbs in oil, sauces... the list goes on !

But despite the wide range of goods that can be preserved far past their expiry thanks to some icy goodness, I'm sure it will come as a surprise to most people that you can actually freeze fresh eggs too. Now some of you may be a bit weary and even confused about why you should freeze fresh eggs. While if you've ever lived on a farm, you know exactly why this is such a brilliant idea. In the heat of the summer our happy little hens lay eggs like there's no tomorrow. Each morning you get to have the wonderful delight of collecting those golden gifts.

But then winter rolls around. Most people end up killing their chickens before the onset of those dreary months. Since it's so expensive to keep and feed those happy hens in the winter months, it makes the most sense to get rid of them. Then again, some people keep them but then they rarely lay any eggs because most of their energy is going towards keeping those tail feathers warm.

This article was originally featured on the "Fresh Eggs Daily" website where there are plenty of resources for your little hobby farm. The lady behind the blog is Lisa, and her blurb says "I share old-timers tips and tricks plus a splash of my own creativity to help you raise a happy, healthy flock... naturally." So as you can see, she's all about her birds, and the eggs they lay.

Now when it comes to freezing those fresh eggs, you have some options. You can choose to crack the egg into the ice cube tray and freeze them whole just like that. Or you can opt to separate the whites for all your baking needs. Or for those times you want to make some good ol' hollandaise sauce and other yolk-only goodies, separate the whites and whip the yolks before pouring them into the trays. See how versatile and easy this whole process is? Doesn't it make you wonder why you're only finding out about this now !?

Well it's better late than never, so go ahead and click on one of the links in this article to get redirected to the "Fresh Eggs Daily" website today, and see all the eggcellent information that Lisa has to offer! I know this is a trick that will help a lot of people, so make sure you pass along the info!

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