How to Make Beautiful Chocolate Strawberry Roses

Want to try out a fabulous looking recipe that you don't have to be in the kitchen all day making? Check out this great recipe tutorial on How to Make Beautiful Chocolate Strawberry Roses! Strawberries and chocolate, a very well known combination, and strawberries and roses are beautiful things that go together very well when it comes to celebrating love or romance. This is a very simple recipe, but it does take some time and patience so make sure you have the time to sit and make them. If you are good at working with modelling clay or sculpting, you will love this strawberry chocolate rose recipe, but even if you don't have much experience, it is totally simple enough to try out. Remember, the more you practice, the better you get! And don't forget to have fun with it, if it does't turn out exactly like in the video, that is ok, it is your own unique rose creation!

So you need some cake pop sticks, some strawberries of a medium to larger size, some white dipping chocolate, and some dark modelling chocolate. Modelling chocolate is what is used to create different shapes and figures when baking cakes and such, and is very easy to mold and keep its shape over time. It doesn't melt as quickly as normal chocolate does which is why it is so easy to work with. The recipe for the modelling chocolate is included under the video in the description part so that you can make some of your very own from scratch. All you need to do to get this recipe going is take the leaves off of the nice, bright red strawberries, and insert the cake pop stick that has been dipped in white chocolate. This is done so that when the chocolate rose is cut in half, there will not just be chocolate on the outside, but a yummy chocolate surprise on the inside as well!

The whole strawberry is also dipped and coated in white chocolate and then, the fun part comes of creating the rose! This might seem a little difficult to you, but as you will see in the video, it is actually rather simple. You just take petal by petal that you have made yourself from the modelling chocolate, and just stick them to the outside of the strawberry, overlapping them as you go along. The beauty of this recipe is that there is no right or wrong way to do it, as all roses look a little different in real life too. Once you see the finished rose, you will be so excited! It really does look like a rose made out of chocolate. Then, when you give one to somebody and they have a bite, they will be so surprised to taste the juicy and fresh strawberry in the centre with the white chocolate as well.

What an awesome recipe from the How to Cook That channel on YouTube. They also have many other wonderful and delicious recipes that you can peruse through on their YouTube channel as well as their website, where you will find photos as well as some good articles written on their recipes. Maybe you will make these for that someone special on Valentines Day or for your Anniversary, or perhaps it can be a fun activity to do together! These would also be very nice to make for your mother or grandmother for a birthday or for mother's day. They would be so delighted and would enjoy these treats very much. You might have a hard time eating them they look so beautiful! Head over and watch the great recipe tutorial on YouTube and see some of their other great recipe videos! Enjoy!

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