How to Make the Chocolate Ball Dessert Taking the Web by Storm: As Hypnotic Videos for Melting Domes Go Viral, We recreate the Treat with Spectacular and Messy Results

When it comes to dessert recipes, chocolate always seems to be at the top of most people's lists. Check out How to Make the Chocolate Ball Dessert Taking the Web by Storm: As Hypnotic Videos for Melting Domes Go Viral, We recreate the Treat with Spectacular and Messy Results. Dark chocolate makes some of the most amazing dessert recipes. Whether it is a delicious dark chocolate cake, brownies, chocolate truffles or a rich, chocolate ice cream sundae like this one featured on Mail Online, chocolate is nothing short of delicious. Experimenting with different chocolate desserts is a great way to experience the diverse flavours that chocolate has to offer. Chocolate comes from the cacao plant, and the cacao plant forms pods which grow cacao nibs within them. The nibs are roasted and ground up or ground up raw to make what we know as cocoa powder or cacao powder. Cocoa powder is what most people are most familiar with that is sold in the baking isle of the grocery store. The powder is processed making it less nutrient dense than the magnesium rich cacao. The heating process takes away some of the nutrients in the cacao while transforming it into cocoa. But the cocoa has a much richer and less bitter flavour that is good to use in all sorts of chocolate desserts. Dark chocolate will have a higher content of cocoa or cacao in it with less sugar and milk. If you are vegan or dairy intolerant, you will want to be sure that you are reading the labels of the chocolate bars to be sure there is no milk or creme in them. You can also make your own vegan sugar free chocolate with recipes found on the internet. You will be surprised just how easy it is.

This chocolate ball dessert is not just fun to make, it is also really fun to eat. The girl in the video shows just how it is made so you can get a clear idea of how the recipe goes. A visual is always nice to have when you are making an extravagant dessert for the first time. Another similar way of making this delicious dessert is to make it into an ice cream dessert. In another video in the same article, the people added some ice cream onto the brownies under the chocolate ball. The chocolate ball in the first video was made out of white chocolate while the other chocolate balls were made out of dark or milk chocolate. Then the hot chocolate that is poured over top can either be white or dark chocolate. It does make a wonderful ice cream dessert to serve for parties or just for fun. But how do they make the chocolate ball? The chocolate ball is made with melted chocolate and by taking a balloon and dipping it into the chocolate and letting it set around the balloon. Once the chocolate is hardened up, you just simply pop the ballon, and you have yourself a chocolate dome that is hollow in the centre. Pretty neat isn't it?

It is quite hypnotic indeed to watch the dome melt as the warm chocolate pours over top of the chocolate ball to reveal the contents of the ice cream dessert with brownies and even some fruit. You can think of different things to put inside of the chocolate ball. Perhaps just a mound of fresh strawberries or cherries, or other type of fruit that would go well with chocolate. This dessert could also be made vegan by using vegan chocolate and vegan ice cream made with coconut milk instead of cow's milk. Check out the videos for inspiration for epic chocolate desserts.*

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