It Looks Like A Hook On The Wall, But You’ll Be Shocked When You See What It Really Does

So often these days, some of the most trending news stories on the internet are cautionary tales – this one included. This white hook looks innocuous enough, blending perfectly into the back of the door where it was found. It’s even fully-functional as a clothing hook and the ideal spot to hang your hat or coat when you come home after a long day’s work. But when you find out what this little hook actually is, you’ll be shocked. You won’t want to find one hanging on the back of your door, that’s for sure. In fact, you might want to start looking out for these little gadgets wherever you go.

What’s the hook? It’s actually a tiny spy camera that can capture hours of footage of you in the privacy of your room. This is exactly what happened to Jane Doe, a woman who recently appeared on CNN with her trending story of how she found this tiny camera in her dorm room. Jane, who prefers to keep her real name private for obvious reasons, was out at sea, working as an oil rig engineer when she noticed this strange little hook had appeared on the back of her dorm room door. If you’ve ever been in a dorm room in college or for work, you’ll know it’s a very sparse environment. You typically notice every detail of the room, so if something new shows up – however tiny – it doesn’t escape your attention. When she examined the hook more closely, she realized it was a recording device merely disguised as a clothing hook. Mortified by her discovery, she went to her supervisors for help, but she does not feel they conducted a proper investigation into the situation. She still doesn’t know who planted the camera in her room, why they did it, or how much footage they recorded. She is now suing BHP, Transocean, and Aramark for one million dollars in damages, stating she has been psychologically traumatized by this event. She doesn’t know if or when the footage will surface somewhere on the internet because it was never found or confiscated by investigators. It’s this sort of uncertainty that keeps her from sleeping at night.

Jane Doe isn’t the only woman who has recently experienced this type of privacy invasion. There are several similar trending news stories on the internet right now, including one about a female student in Breda, Netherlands, who found a camera beneath the sink in her dorm room. She noticed a strange hole under the sink when she was cleaning one day, and when she took a closer look, she found a camera inside. Police traced the camera cables to a nearby home where they found a room full of recording equipment. A 36-year-old man was arrested. In another case, two female students in Tampa, Florida found hidden cameras in every room of their home – including their bedrooms and the bathroom. These cameras were disguised as motion detectors, alarm systems, and smoke detectors. As disturbing as these trending stories are, it’s important to take them as a simple warning. Technology has reached a point where the smallest cameras can easily be planted anywhere – in the home, as well as in public rest rooms and other private areas. These cameras can be disguised as any other rudimentary object, so it’s important to be discerning when moving into a new apartment or a dorm room, visiting public washrooms, dressing rooms, hotel rooms, and so on.

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