Lasagna Soup

I don't know if I just live under a rock, or if this is something that other people are unfamiliar with too... but have you ever heard of lasagna soup? Well here's a lasagna soup if you have, and if you haven't then welcome to the world of lasagna soup! I mean don't get me wrong, I love a good lasagna, and making it into a soup just seems like such a genious idea. I mean it's all the ooey gooey goodness with the delight of a nice thick soup which is perfect for any cold weather days. This recipe uses quite a few ingredients, but don't be alarmed, they are all simple. It's essentially just a ton of different spices, which if you have on hand in your cupboard already, you can make this in no time. If you have to stock up, it will still be easy to make but a quick trip to the grocery store will be required.

While the ingredients list might look a little long, don't be fooled by it, this recipe is still so easy to make. The prep time is estimated at a mere 5 minutes, so your family will be well fed without too much hassle. It's a great weeknight meal and doesn't take much more effort than throwing all the ingredients together and calling it a wrap. The cooking time is about 35 minutes.

I know that as the summer comes to a sad end, there's also a slight comfort in knowing that it's soup time! Even though I'm no fan of cold weather, I'm also no fan of having hot soup during the hot summer. So here's to getting to enjoy soups again. If you're as excited as I am to checkout this recipe, then just click on the link below to get redirected to the "Cooking Classy" website today.

Traditionally soups are classified into two main types to include thick soups and clear soups. The French classifications of clear soups are called bouillon and consommé soup. Thick soups are classified depending upon the type of thickening agent used which can include purées that are vegetable soups thickened with starch and bisques which are made from puréed shellfish or vegetables thickened with cream, cream soups may be thickened with béchamel sauce. Other popular ingredients commonly used to thicken soups and broths include rice, lentils, flour, and grains. Other popular soups also include carrots and potatoes.

Tomatoes are grown and eaten around the world. They are used in diverse ways, including raw in salads, and processed into ketchup or tomato soup. Unripe green tomatoes can also be breaded and fried, used to make salsa, or pickled. Tomato juice is sold as a drink, and is used in cocktails such as the Bloody Mary. Tomatoes are acidic, making them especially easy to preserve in home canning whole in recipes such as tomato sauce or paste. The fruit is also preserved by drying, often in the sun, and sold either in bags or in jars with oil. Tomatoes are used extensively in Mediterranean cuisine.

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