Lawn Chair

Did you recently move from a country like area, which was flourishing with green plant life to the city? Or have you recently moved from a house with a yard to an apartment without one? Do you miss having a backyard? Laying in the grass of your yard, reading a book, talking with neighbors, watching the kids or tanning? Well, do I have a solution for you! This is a very simple and easy project that even the most inexperienced craftsman can make! If you can follow simple directions, you can be laying in your own grass, tanning or with a drink in your hand in no time! Doesn't matter if you live in the city or not! This unique, ingenious invention is simple sounding, in fact, I'm sure you have heard of it before but never like this.

Introducing the new and improved Lawn Chair! Its a lawn! Its a chair! Its a lawn chair! For this amazing idea, you only need a few simple things. First you will need supplies to build your chair this would include plywood, paper, glue, wood screws, jig saw and a drill. Next you need supplies in order to plant your new lawn! Thick plastic, duck tape, staple gun potting soil, hardware cloth, fertilizer, and sod are the supplies you will need! After you have gathered these simple materials and tools, you will already be well on your way to a new fully custom and unique lawn chair!

The best part about this is you can make your own chair design if you wish, or you can simply go to this website, and used the design that this chair was originally made from! If you would like to use this design, check around for a large format printer, and print out a large sticker of this design! After you have printed your sticker, stick it on one of your plywood pieces and cut out the shape of your chair! Keep in mind you will need four identical pieces in order to make this chair. The drill will come in handy if you are trying to cut out inner pieces, to make a design. After you have cut out all the pieces that you need, the only thing that is left is to put them all together, detailed instructions on website, put in the grass and relax!

Your very own unique lawn chair will be ready to use and have all of your neighbors jealous! So grab a drink and a book, take your chair outside, and enjoy your new lawn, take it easy and enjoy the sun!To read more about this item on 'Instructable's feel free to visit the link below!

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