How To Build A Food Storage Drying Rack/Shelf

More and more people are taking an interest in food preservation and storage. The local food movement has got many people growing food in their gardens and gathering fruit from local fruit trees. Knowing how to properly store and preserve your food is a bit of a lost art. Our grandmothers likely had a root cellar in the basement that was filled with potatoes, turnips, parsnips and other root vegetables for winter eating. Shelves would be stacked with preserved fruits, jams, pickles and other canned delights. But today many modern houses do not have a root cellar or even a pantry. The invention of the refrigerator and the widespread availability of a huge variety of foods in an abundance of grocery stores and supermarkets has led to the demise of the traditional root cellar.

Here is a handy solution to this problem with this informative article from the Ana White website. The article details how to build your own food rack with dual functions of both storage and food drying. The simple design and thorough instructions will show you how you can use some two by two wood pieces and a few screws to create your own food rack.

You may want to start by deciding where you will put your food storage rack. Ideally it should be kept in a dark, dry location that is safe from any pests. You will want to measure your spot to make sure the rack will fit, otherwise you may need to adjust the measurements before you start to build.

When you have completed your food storage rack you will want to be careful to place your produce on the rack so that individual items are not touching each other. That way if one starts to rot it will be less likely to spread to the surrounding vegetables or fruits.

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