Longest Manes and Tails Ever Recorded On The Same Horse

Its amazing that the longest manes and tails ever recorded on the same horse occurred more than 100 years ago, but the photos are nonetheless mind-boggling! Not only would this horse, whose name is Linus II, easily win the Guinness Book of World Records for longest mane and tail on a horse, he would also win the most beautifully braided horse hair as well. For all of you horse-lovers, this is a truly incredible animal whose like would never be seen again to this day, almost the equivalent of a mystical unicorn that occurs only once every dozen generations of horses. At its longest length of over 19 feet for the tail and 13 feet for the mane, Linus II is a gorgeous horse who looks both gorgeous and magical with extraordinary colour and length of hair whose beauty still carries across from old black and white photographs from the late 1800's. It is obvious that the owner painstakingly maintained and groomed the horse's hair and can be seen in some photos glowing with pride as he holds his horse still for the old fashioned cameras that took twenty minutes to take one photograph in 1890.

One of the most important things about horse ownership is grooming the horse, particularly their hair and shoes. The mane of the horse is the equivalent of their hairdo, and many owners pride themselves on having perfectly groomed horses, particularly for horse shows. It would be interesting to look up this owner from the 1800s and learn more about that family of horse-lovers and what inspired them to raise a truly unique horse like Linus II.

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