Looking For The ULTIMATE Baked ‘N’ Stuffed Potato Recipe? Here You Go…

When you are looking for a way to spice up your potatoes for dinner, there are so many great options to choose from that it can be difficult to pick just one to make! Like this great Twice Baked and Twice As Impressive Fancy Stuffed Potatoes recipe from Tip Hero. Try out this great one the next time you make your baked potatoes, and you may never make them any other way again. The great thing about this recipes is that it will practically go with anything, and they are super easy to make up for any occasion. Potatoes are one of those foods you know will always go with anything, and you can dress them up in so many different ways to suit whatever cuisine you are making. Potatoes are also really good for you, with loads of potassium and fibre, they are a great starch that will fill you up too! That is why when things got tough in the early days, people would always rely on potatoes, they were super easy to grow in abundance and they are a nutritional and filling vegetable to eat. They were something that would fill people up really easily, they are very easy to grow and there is always an abundance of them, so they don't cost too much money either.

This awesome recipe from Tip Hero, looks so good, and seems really easy to make. You could even do the prep work at the start of the day and then just put it in the oven when you get home so that they are ready to eat when it is dinner time. Chef John from Food Wishes dot com. And seriously, who doesn't love potatoes, and who wouldn't love them even more when they are baked twice?! You basically bake the potatoes once, and then just scoop out all of the insides, salvaging the peel of the potato for later. You then place all of your potato insides in a bowl and whip them up with your favourite seasonings. Chef John gives us some ideas, but he urges you to try out your own flavours and experiment with what you like. He even puts in some cheese! As well as some cream and an egg yolk. But of course, try out different cheeses to see what you like the best.

He then takes the top of the potato skin, an places it inside the bottom part of the other potato skin, so that it creates a firm, strong base and helps to also add some height to the potato so it looks really full and nice. Then, you bake them a second time with some butter and paprika on top til they are crusty and golden brown. These look amazing! And so incredibly easy and they look really good to serve at the dinner table too. The video he makes is great, because you can just follow along as you make them yourself, and you will feel like you have the help of someone right there in the house. Better then having to just imagine what it is supposed to look like too. Many people are more visual, so this recipe video makes it easy for everyone to make these beautiful and delicious looking potatoes.

You could serve these up with a roast, like Chef John has done, or you can also always have them with a steak, or even just as a side for a roasted chicken with a nice salad on the side. That is the beauty of the potato, they are so versatile and have so many different ways they can be made up, and they compliment any dish really. So try out this fancy way of baking your potatoes the next time you want them. People you serve them to will be super impressed and will wonder how you did it!

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