Meet the 5 Herbs That Sooth the Feelings of Anxiety

Many of us find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and dealing with more stress than we'd like. These 5 Herbs To Calm Anxiety (Without Being Drowsy) are particularly good for helping to calm you down, and they won't put you to sleep. Whether you are suffering from a stressful time in your life, or you, suffer from a lifelong illness. The following are natural remedies that can help. Passionflower is one natural remedy that has shown to work at helping to ease symptoms like anxiety, agitation, irritability, and depression. Taking passionflower in a tea three times daily has helped people feel better. Lavender is another natural remedy that has helped people with generalized and persistent anxiety. The nice thing is that neither passionflower or lavender have no sedative side effects.

Another natural remedy that can be found in combination with other herbs is a lemon balm. The natural remedy on its own has anti-anxiety powers. The natural remedy reduces stress and helps to improve alertness and calmness. You could try it in some aromatherapy, or some dried lemon balm in a tea four times a day. The natural remedy of Ashwagandha is an extract that has shown to help relieve anxiety in people who are feeling stressed. Before you take any natural remedies, it is always good to consult with someone, and make sure you are taking the correct amount.

On the Food Matters site, you will be inspired to look at how what you eat can change the way you feel. The story for the site began when someone in their family was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in 2003. It wasn't as easy as going to the doctor and being cured, for five years Roy's days were spent in bed, and nights were filled with panic attacks and side effects from the medications. He continued to take his medications without any improvement in his condition. Fast forward a bit and his family came up with Food Matters, as a way to get Roy to read about natural health remedies and nutrition. They figured if they couldn't get him to read about nutrition, then maybe he would watch a film about it. The couple invested their saving into making the film Food Matters. Finally, Roy started to take notice, his fridge was cleaned out of everything that wasn't real. No diet products, processed food, and all factory farmed meats and dairy. He went on a detoxification program and started adding more healthy foods to his diet. He slowly weaned himself (being closely monitored) and began a natural supplement regimen.

After a few months, Roy was back to his old self. He may even have been better. He was finally out of bed, moving around freely and feeling energetic. He lost the weight he had gained and was no longer feeling anxious or depressed. He slept again through the night and woke up each morning refreshed and felt ready for the day. He even started jogging again, something he hadn’t been able to do in years. He felt renewed. It took a commitment to natural foods to free him of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that had plagued him for over five years. It was a great thing to watch. It just goes to show what a big impact that food has on our lives. If we can make the choice to eat better, and stay away from unhealthy processed foods, we can make a difference in the way we live and feel. For some it takes being ill, to finally realize the impact that food can have on their day to day living.

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