Mexican Style Lasagna

We’re so excited today because we keep finding lots of new twists to classic old recipes. And we’re particularly excited to share this one with you! If you love traditional Italian lasagna but would like to spice it up even more, then you’re really gonna adore this recipe for Mexican Style Lasagna.

Oh, the people over at the Skinny Ms. Website are pretty brilliant, that’s for sure. They are constantly cooking up storms in their shiny bright kitchens, coming up with new recipes to please the hungry – yet calorie-sensitive – crowd. That’s us! And we are ever so grateful. So how does it work, this Mexican Style Lasagna? Well, first of all, imagine a lasagna without pasta noodles, without ground beef, without oregano, basil, or béchamel. Not even cottage cheese! Nope, we’ve completely deconstructed the traditional Italian lasagna, and now we’re going to rebuild it – Mexican style!

Next, imagine layering freshly-made tortillas in the place of pasta noodles and generously topping them with ground turkey or chicken, luscious salsa, and hello – not one or two but three – count ’em THREE - kinds of cheese. With these super-delicious key ingredients, this Mexican lasagna is even ooeier and so much gooeier than the original Italian one – so get ready for a juicy meal chocked full of flavour and spice. Spice? That’s right, folks: spice! So if we’ve taken out the oregano and basil, then what do we replace them with? Well, the warm spices of Tex-Mex cuisine, to start with. Like chili powder and cumin and perhaps even a wee bit of garlic!

And how on this sweet Earth do we keep the calories down with a rich meal like this? Consider the ground turkey for a moment. It is much healthier than ground beef, pork, or veal, has less fat and far fewer calories. It’s also much lower in cholesterol! This recipe also calls for low-fat cheese and whole grain tortillas, so your conscience – and waistline – can go free and clear, as long as you eat in moderation. And the peeps at Skinny Ms. will even give you a special, simple, and super-healthy tortilla recipe that you can try along with this one. How wonderful is that? It’s always so much better to make your own food rather than break it out of a box. Mexican Style Lasagna? You bet! And this one’s bound to be a pleasant surprise at your next family meal, community gathering, or potluck. It could also be perfect for game night or at your kids’ birthday parties. It’s yummy hot and cold, too, so you can even pack it for lunch at work tomorrow. All of your colleagues will be so jealous. Yum!

For this spiced up version of Lasagna, and so many other great recipe ideas, please visit the Skinny Ms. website! They’re adding more and more recipes all of the time, so it’s a perfect resource for those of us looking for outstanding new ways to do traditional meals.

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