He Pours Dish Soap Into The Toilet. The Reason? I Had No Idea This Was Possible!

He pours dish soap into the toilet. The reason? I had no idea this was possible. With all of the conveniences of modern day life, we tend to forget how necessary certain things are until we have to go without them. One of those things being your toilet, especially if you only have one in your home. Getting a clog in your toilet quickly reminds you how crucial it is to make sure you are careful with how much you put down your toilet. Something as simple as flushing down too much toilet paper is enough to cause a blockage. So, it's important to watch how much you're throwing into the toilet in the first place. There can be accidents, like kids putting objects that don't flush easily into the toilet, but these problems would most likely require a professional plumber to fix. If the problem is simply some clogged up toilet paper or waste, this tutorial from All Tips Ideas should be able to do the trick. This tutorial teaches us how to drain a toilet when it's clogged by natural paper like paper towel, tissues or toilet paper.

If you have a significant amount of paper in your toilet, this tutorial should work for clearing a clogged toilet, but if you have a more severely blocked toilet, and the blockage isn't coming out, then you should definitely hire a professional. This will only take around 30 minutes to do, and it won't cost you a lot either. All you need is some typical dish soap, any brand and type will do just fine, no need for any fancy dish soap. However, there are all natural dish soaps that are better for your health and the environment, so those would be best to use if you prefer, but they can tend to be a bit more expensive than other dish soaps. So, if you just want to spring for a cheaper option, that works too. You'll be using a lot of the dish soap for this tutorial so make sure you have a full bottle or at least half a bottle. You'll also need some hot water, so have some water heating in a kettle or in a pot on your stove for the last part of the process for clearing your blocked toilet.

You may be thinking how dish soap and hot water will cure this blocked toilet, it sounds too good to be true. Well, the dish soap works in clearing a clogged toilet by acting as a lubricant. As the dish soap sinks into the clogged paper it will loosen it up and help it to move through the toilet into the pipes. The hot water helps to disintegrate the paper faster than the normal colder water would, releasing the clog much faster. So add this to your list of how-to home remedies so you know how to drain a toilet if you are ever faced with an issue like this. Plus, it also cleans your toilet while you're at it which is a bonus. In the future just be careful to flush your toilet often and not to put too much paper in it. All Tip Ideas has some excellent home remedies for common problems around the house, they also share practical skills like rope tying and much more. They also have do it yourself projects as well as crafts and health information. The website also features recipes, knitting and crocheting information and news and current events. Enjoy having a look at the video to learn how to unclog a toilet, and spend some time browsing the other topics on their website.***

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