Natural Remedy For Headaches

Headache is the common sites of pain in the body. No one would like to have a headache especially on certain occasions cause it really messes things up, and it's so annoying when you can't concentrate on what you're doing and it would also affect the qualities of life. While headaches are not life-threatening, they may be associated with symptoms that can mimic strokes (experts says). Some headaches can easily be resolved with the use of natural herb (thank god for herbs), and one of these is peppermint. I've known this a long time ago since I have a brother that experiences migraine. We have this little garden in my grandmother's house and she'd always use those herbs for she believes that natural herbs can cure effectively than scientific treatment (I just don't have any idea how she'd turn them from herb to oil). So, peppermint can be used in cure for headaches and nausea.

Now these headaches come to us in no particular time. It can be now, later, tomorrow, this week or whenever and it also depends on our mood and emotions. So I would like to share to you a very simple guide on how we can make our first aid on headaches.

For us to make our very own remedy for headache, we will need 100% Peppermint Oil, Olive or Grape Seed oil or any other carrier oil. Now, we'll mix 7-10 drops of the Peppermint Oil and 1 tbsp. of the carrier oil in a clean dry bowl. Gently apply a small amount of the mixed oil unto your forehead and temples, you can also use this to massage your head to ease the pain.

It'd be invigorating and comforting on the head because of the Peppermint Oil. We don't want to throw away the extra oil we've mixed so it's best to keep it in a clean dry container or a small clean bottle so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

DISCLOSURE: We cannot guarantee that each person who tries this headache remedy will get relief.

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