Perfect Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls, also known as cinnamon buns or cinnamon Danishes, are a sweet treat made of flour, butter, cinnamon and sugar. They are commonly served at breakfast time, but are also the ultimate sweet treat at any time, especially served with a glaze or frosting! This Perfect Cinnamon Rolls recipe, created by Holly Lofthouse, will be the softest, moistest, fluffiest and most flavorful cinnamon roll you’ve ever had!

Cinnamon, one of the key ingredients in any cinnamon rolls recipe, is a spice obtained from the inner bark on several different trees. Cinnamomum verum is considered “true cinnamon”, whereas cassia is derived from related species of trees and is most commonly the type imported to North America, usually from Indonesia with other significant production in China. India and Vietnam also produce cassia, but on a much smaller scale. Approximately 80-90 percent of “true cinnamon” comes from Sri Lanka, the rest from Seychelles and Madagascar. Cinnamon is an antiquity, imported to Egypt as early as 2000 BC. It was highly prized among ancient nations and was often given as a gift to monarchs and gods. It is no wonder, with its rich history, that cinnamon – whether “true” or not – is part of this ultimate, sweet treat recipe. However, aside from being an ingredient in cinnamon rolls, cinnamon has many other uses including use as an alcohol flavorant and a pickling agent. It also has a history of use within traditional medicine, however its usefulness for treating any conditions remains unproven. (Unless, of course, you count “wanting to eat a delicious cinnamon bun” as a condition!)

Sweden is the cinnamon roll’s presumed country of origin. In Sweden, these tasty treats are called kanelbulle (which literally translates to “cinnamon bun”). There is even a kanelbullens dag (Cinnamon Bun Day). However, these buns or rolls differ from the North American version because they contain cardamom powder or buds, giving the rolls a more distinctive flavor.

Life in the Lofthouse is a recipe blog started in 2010 and is written by Holly Lofthouse. Not only does Holly share delicious dishes through her blog, she is also a recipe creator for Pillsbury. Aside from cooking perfect cinnamon rolls, Holly is also a wife who works as a surgery scheduler, and a full-time mom-of-three who does laundry, helps with homework and loves to cook for her family.I wish Holly was cooking for me, but honestly, as with many of Holly’s dishes, her recipe is easy to follow with simple items many of us already have in our pantry. And the best part, aside from the delicious cinnamon rolls of course, is that this recipe freezes well, meaning you can make a big batch and save some for later (or just eat them all up right away, because they’re perfectly delicious!) Oh, and don’t forget to whip-up a batch of Holly’s cream cheese frosting, which is the real icing on the “cake”!

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