Ramen Donut, aka Ramnuts

There are some people that will eat just about anything that is put in front of them... and these Ramen Donut, aka Ramnuts, are proof that there are very weird food combinations that people will enjoy or at least try out given the challenge. We have all had Ramen at some point in our lives, or at least heard of it. Those curly, wavy looking noodles to which all you have to do to is add some boiling water, and they are magically ready to eat in moments. They are very popular with kids, and college students who need some cheap and fast food to eat while they are paying a high price for their education. Well, it looks to me like someone just took their love for Ramen to a whole new level! Or maybe they are going for pure shock value, and doing an experiment on how many people they can actually sucker into eating this grotesque looking donut. It looks like something I would use in a prank to someone, not something I would voluntarily eat myself though.

The Ramen Donut, or the Ramnut, as they are calling it, is made with a bunch of the classic ramen noodles that are boiled in horchata, which is a blend of rice milk, sugar and cinnamon, which is served in Mexico as a sweet drink for dessert, or to have with your meal. It is then coated in a batter and then fried and topped with chocolate. Of course anything will taste alright with enough sugar on it right? Josh explains in this article, that there is more to food than just taste, it is all about marketing and sometimes shock value. So things like this Ramnut, would have the potential to become popular because people would make it become popular. There are some other pretty weird food combinations out there, like Pepsi flavoured Cheetos, and burgers that are nothing but meat sandwiched between more meat for them bun.

It is a social experiment. These days it is about discovering something that others haven't discovered before, something like kronuts, the croissant dough that is made into a donut, or something even more shocking and different, the ramnut. Its like people will follow blindly and try anything if someone else says its good and that they have to try it. Trends can be crazy like that. People lose all common sense it seems and just jump at the next fad so that they can fit in it seems to be. Sometimes even at the expense of their own health! It can be fun, and adventurous, especially if you are mindful about it, and we only live in this body once, so might as well experience life to the fullest, right? Would you try this interesting ramen donut? Or would you be the one laughing at all of the people who were crazy enough to try it out? You might want to read some more before you make your final decision, so head over to '7 Deadly Mag' for more by following the link in the section below for more!

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