Unclogging Her Kitchen Sink Was Easy, This is How She Did It!

All of us have experience a clogged kitchen sink and nobody is exempted from this. Of course, we all know that you should not be letting flood slip down into the drain, but sometimes it does. Even if you are very careful and use your strainer to catch the food bits as the water drains, some of it can still sneak down there and cause you big problems over time.

You watch those TV ads about the sink getting so easily unclogged with the products that are being sold specifically for this. It is pretty tempting to purchase the 'liquid plumber' and pour it down the sink, let it sit for many hours and rinse away. It generally does work, but the problem is, it is bad for the environment and bad for you. If you read the labels on this type of product, you will see words like carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins. There are danger warnings, poison symbols and warnings like 'fatal if swallowed'. This cannot be a good thing to be using in our homes!

Having a clogged sink is such a great inconvenience in the kitchen, and it even causes mess and dirt around the house. If this happens, do not prolong the problem because it will complicate the condition of the drain.

Believe it or not, the old famous vinegar, baking soda and hot water are still one great team that can help all you get rid of those clogging problems in your sink. They work like magic!

By using safe products, you can save some cost from hiring an expensive plumber who will usually use chemicals to get rid of the food particles in the drains. Also avoid any future problems with clogged sink, do not put food waste, particles and oils down the sink even if it is not clogged because it eventually will. Start using a small strainer for the drain so that it will help gather small food particles before going down the drain. If the clogged sink problem continues, then perhaps it is time to call an expert to help clean up the drain, and they will definitely help you clean up the drain.

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