Respect Your Cat (Not That It Cares)

March 28 was Respect Your Cat Day. It's important to always show your cat love, kindness and appreciation. And while this is good advice and a nice day to celebrate, don't be surprised if your cat doesn't care all that much. This animal who was once worshiped by the ancient Egyptians is infamous for behaving any way they please. They get away with it too, because people can't resist their precious, adorable faces and just don't care attitude. But with that said, cats are still one of the most popular pets. And some of the reasons people love their cats so much are because they are so intuitive. Cats are empathetic animals who can sense emotions in their owners. Cats can feel when you’re upset and show their love in all sorts of unique ways from following you around the house, being affectionate, or cuddling up more than normal. Cats are also great with kids. And while not all cats are affectionate, most are great with kids. Cats and young children are an especially good combination, as they both love to take naps. Cats are funny and unique. Cats usually act so poised, but they can be just as silly as dogs. People think that’s hilarious especially when a cat makes a mistake and then pretends like nothing happened.

The Respect Your Cat Day celebration, promises to deliver to cats what they most deserve, which is an opportunity to pay homage to their mysterious ways and show them some extra love on this day. Respect Your Cat Day’s literature claim the source of the holiday dates all the way back to a 1384 edict by Richard II of England that forbid the consumption of cats and highlights some impressive statistics about the evasive pet. And while you can do your best to show your cat some extra affection on that day don't expect them to care all that much. You can try to give your cat verbal compliments, but some cats do their best to ignore their owner’s calls. With their supersensitive hearing, some may not like the volume of the human voice, especially in confined quarters. As for snuggling or hugging your cat, sometimes they are just not in the mood, and owners often learn to read the clues of their felines moods. And you can try feeding your cat some extra treats on this day, but you don't want to make a habit of this as cats have a bit of a reputation for becoming overweight.

Cats are valued by humans for their both their companionship and for their ability to hunt vermin or mice. And with more than 70 cat breeds, there are plenty to choose from. Outdoor cats can be active both day and night and tend to be slightly more active at night. The timing of a cats' activity is quite flexible and varied, which means house cats may be more active in the morning and evening, in response to greater human activity at these times. Although cats spend the majority of their time in the vicinity of their home, housecats can range in where they sometimes go many hundreds of feet away from their central point and are known to establish territories that vary considerably in size, in one study ranging from 17 to 69 acres).

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