'Sightings' of extinct Tasmanian tiger prompt search in Queensland

People have claimed to see an extinct animal in Australia recently. The sightings have been of an extinct Tasmanian tiger in Queensland, and a search has begun to verify this. The Tasmanian tiger is a species of dog also known as the thylacine. It looks like a dog but has a longer snout, and the stripes on it's back are why it's called the Tasmanian tiger. It was known as the largest marsupial in modern times. Other carnivorous marsupials are the Tasmanian Devil which is like a smaller dog or the numbat. When people thought they saw the thylacines they thought it might have just been a fox or a dingo. But some of the footage looks remarkably similar to the thylacines that were thought to be no more. The thylacines were pronounced extinct back in 1936, and the last one alive was kept in a zoo until it's death. So no one expected to be seeing them these days. Both of the sources who claimed to see the animals worried that they might be thought of as crazy when they brought forth the information. They were both credible sources who gave very distinct descriptions of the animals they had seen. One of the men used to work for the Queensland National Parks Service.

A researcher named Sandra Abell and the James Cook University’s Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Science are in the process of figuring out where to set up cameras to track the activity in the regions where the Tasmanian Tigers may be found. Even if they don't catch any on camera, they'll still get a good idea of what types of predators are actually out in those regions. There's a very slim chance that they'll catch footage of one of the thylacines, but if they do, it'll be very exciting for a lot of people. It would be so interesting to see an extinct animal make it and beat the odds. The Thylacine Awareness Group would be a very happy group if the thylacine were announced to be non-extinct. Some people who have cited the thylacines are glad this group exists because they didn't believe their own eyes that they saw one of these supposedly extinct animals. Apparently, there's been over 5000 thylacine sightings in the last 80 years which makes everyone wonder if these guys are really extinct or now. There have even been rewards for people who spot the animals and have proof like video footage or photo documentation.

Of course, there are people who would rather debate about it and say that these people only saw a fox or a wolf. But some of the video documentation shows that it walks just like the thylacines in the video footage from the 30s. There is even a preserved thylacine puppy that could potentially be cloned in the future, but unfortunately, science just isn't there yet. Their extinction was sadly fueled by irrational fear of the animal. When European settlers began to pioneer the land in Australia, people began exterminating the beautiful animals because of the dangers they presumably inflicted on the people. Kind of like what has been implied about bears and wolves in North America and how there are exterminations happening concerning these animals. In the first part of the 20th century, there was little interest from scientists to keep an animal like this alive and well, but hopefully the scientists of today might be able to clone the animals and bring back the extinct species. Others are very skeptical and don't think it's worth the time to clone these animals. What do you think? Should scientists bring the thylacine back? Or do you believe some of them still exist?***

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