Sort of Like a Star Trek Replicator... This Machine Makes Meals in 30 Seconds!

Today we're featuring a gadget that serves like a Keurig for food, this machine makes meals in 30 seconds. Thanks to the brilliant minds of entrepreneurs Ayelet Carasso and Doron Marco who have developed this new product to make our kitchen duties easier. Reuters reported that this new kitchen gadget called the “Genie” will do all the cooking in 30 seconds. It basically utilizes ingredients that are naturally dehydrated. It’s so high-tech that you will need to connect it to a mobile app in order to activate it. Looks like those Star Trek gadgets are indeed coming to life!

This machine works almost exactly like Keurig. You will have the ingredients placed in a recyclable container that looks like a small ice cream box. As soon as you place all the ingredients inside this gadget, it’s now time that you open the app connected to this machine to finally make it work. In less than a minute, about 5 ounces of your meal are ready to be served. The developers are currently in the process of updating the app to make the machine more efficient. But right now, you can already enjoy making food like ramen and chocolate soufflés out of this new invention. It is also kind of like an Easy Bake oven that kids have to practice making food in.

In case you don’t how to make homemade soufflés, this tool will help you save the day and make you feel like a real chef. Even a professional chef told Reuters that he was surprised to see the great outcome of his soufflé when he used this machine. The Genie will accumulate all the liquid needed to make a meal, while the tubes attached to it are the ones who will do the cooking. Carasso and Marco are crossing their fingers that this machine will soon be made available for the public to buy.

It is kind of neat to see amazing inventions like this one coming out. But I feel like it might take away some of the joys of cooking for me. Even a microwave I just find too impersonal, and it doesn't help to create a connection to the food that we are putting in our bodies. It would be great on the other hand for those who just don't like to cook at all, or don't know how to cook, but want to eat at home and want to have some interesting foods to eat, with minimal effort. It is wild to think that only one hundred years ago, people would have probably never even have thought of inventions like this one and now here they are coming out to be available to be used by people. What do you think of it? Do you think it might be fun to try out? I don't think old fashioned cooking will ever die out, it is too much of an art, but this could certainly revolutionize the way that people choose to cook at home for themselves. Find out more for yourself.

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