Southern Style Cabbage Soup

When it comes to cabbage recipes, cabbage rolls would probably be one of the first options to come to mind. Cabbage rolls are a great recipe to make once in a while, but what about all of the time it takes to prepare them? No need to fuss over rolling with this yummy and easy Southern Style Cabbage Soup recipe. If you want to use your cabbage in different easy cabbage recipes, then this is definitely one to try out. You may have even made your own cabbage rolls before, rolling all of the little bundles of savory meat and veggies into the little cabbage leaves. But sometimes you just don't have time for all that rolling and stuffing, so why not venture out and try out some new cabbage recipes? That's where this cabbage soup recipe will come in to save the day. It's so great to have easy cabbage recipes on hand like this one to make your meal times a breeze. This soup recipe is filled with hearty ingredients like beef, tomatoes, salsa, celery, peppers and even some potatoes. You may even like it better than cabbage rolls in the end. This would be an awesome recipe to make in the fall or the winter, when the temperatures start to drop and you want a nice, filling and warming meal.

Enjoying cabbage recipes ensures you get all of the amazing cabbage nutrients. Cabbage nutrients feature very high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin b6, manganese, dietary fiber, and high amounts of thiamin, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and is also very low in saturated fat and there is no cholesterol in cabbage either. Cabbage grows kind of like lettuce, above ground, with layers of leaves creating a head of cabbage. Cabbage is in the cole crop family also known as Brassica oleracea family. Other vegetables in this category are broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, cauliflower and collard greens. Cabbage isn't too difficult to grow in your own garden; it just needs well-fertilized the soil, and lots of even moisture. Be aware that some insects love to munch on cabbage heads as much as humans do, so you may have to do some natural pest control to keep these insects away from your veggies. Picking your cabbage when the head is firm is the best time to harvest it. Squeeze the head of cabbage and see if it's firm enough and then cut it a the bottom close to the ground.

Growing your own cabbage to use in easy cabbage recipes will ensure you're getting the freshest, most organic cabbage possible. You know what was used to grow it and if any chemicals were involved, so you can feel safer about the foods you're eating. If you don't grow your own cabbage in your own garden, just be sure to purchase organically grown cabbage. Nonorganic cabbage tends to be sprayed with chemicals to keep the pests away. Since cabbage doesn't really have a peel, the chemicals are more prevalent throughout the cabbage leaves. Organic may cost a little bit more, but it will be healthier for you in the long run. Thank you to All News Food Recipes for this awesome recipe for cabbage soup and for all of the other great recipes they share on their website. You could try a new recipe every day of the week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a dessert for months and you probably wouldn't run out of new recipes to try from their website. Enjoy this hearty soup when you make it, and maybe even make a double batch so you can freeze it to eat later.***

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