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You will want to take a look at this kitchen tip on "How To Remove Food Stains From Dishes," it will give some of your stained dishes new life, and make them feel new again. You know that stain that you just can't get out of your dishes no matter how hard you try? This easy to do kitchen trick will make you feel better when you no longer have to look at that annoying little stain.

This kitchen trick on how to remove food stains from dishes, will get rid of food stains on dishes by simply soaking them in a solution of water and bleach. You have that lovely bowl that got stained months ago after you left it dirty in the sink overnight, or that plate that you left sitting with leftover lasagna in the fridge and now it feels like its ruined. You tried quickly scrubbing out the stain upon discovering the pesky stain, but unfortunately it was just too late, and already set into the plate. No matter how hard you tried scrubbing out that stain you just couldn't get rid of it, the damage and the stain was there to stain. Now your favorite dishes look dirty, and old. You thought the stain would disappear eventually after several washes and cleaning, but it didn't, the stain is still there.

So now with this simple little kitchnen trick you can have back the dishes you love, and if only you had knew this trick a little sooner, you could avoided some of that frustration you felt over the whole thing. So what you want to do, is instead of washing the dish with water and soap, fill it up with water and add a few tablespoons of bleach and it will soak. That's it, seriously the stain has vanished within an hour and the bowl or plate looks just like new!

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