The Only Way I Was Able to Clean My Greasy Oven Door

Oven cleaning! It’s the job we love to hate. Does anyone out there actually enjoy it? We sure don’t, and sadly, we have not yet been blessed with a magical self-cleaning oven. We’ve got one of those older models - which works really well, mind you – but it certainly doesn’t clean itself! And oven cleaning is just one of those jobs you can’t ignore for too long. ’Cuz if you do, then the grease starts to build up and then it starts to burn and then all of the smoke detectors go off, and then, well, you’re kind of a basket case. So, we did clean our oven yesterday and it turned out pretty good! But what about that pesky oven door? No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to get it clean! We actually had to do some research and found this great blog post, The Only Way I Was Able to Clean My Greasy Oven Door.

The blogger over at the Kitchn website wrote an earlier post about how she’d moved into a new apartment but the previous tenants had never cleaned the oven. She gives a lot of great stove cleaning tips on how to clean an oven naturally, without any heavy duty chemicals. It does take some time, however, but eventually she does get it clean – everything except the door. Even when she tries a commercial cleaner on it, the grease still doesn’t budge. And the oven door is kind of important, you know? You really want to be able to look in there to see how everything’s cooking, without having to open it up and let all of the heat out!

So in this current post, she follows up on how she solves that problem, and the stove cleaning solution is really quite simple. So simple, we’re gonna try it too. If the before and after pics are any indication – we should have complete success in a matter of minutes!

This oven cleaning tip on how to clean your greasy oven door, is just what you need to get the house in shape for the holidays. Sometimes when we have a cleaning project that just won't work we resort to toxic cleaners and ideas that leave us gagging afterwards, albeit with a cleaner oven, but we all want to try and avoid those things if we can. For this cleaning how to, Norwex Oven and Grill Cleaner provided a cleaning solution that worked. All you have to dis heat the oven to 175 degrees for approximately ten minutes, and turn the oven off. Then spray the cleaner onto the oven door, and close the door and let it sit for another ten minutes. There was a mild smell that came from the oven combined with the heat, but nothing overwhelming. You have to be careful not to turn the oven up too warm or the cleaner will drip off or dry. So when you open up the oven door, you will want to take a pot scrubber and start scrubbing the grime, it will take some elbow grease, just remember this is a healthier non toxic cleaning solution.

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