The Top 10 Rarest Horse Breeds

Horse racers and horse enthusiasts, if you want to know more about this fascinating animal; then it is only right that you continue reading this because you are about to get some information about the rarest horse breeds there are on this planet. This knowledge will help you in the future in case you plan to own a horse or simply if you want to share some cool horse facts to your friends. Here you will know about their worth, characteristics and what makes them rare. Meanwhile, if you are not someone who is not fond of horses, perhaps this information will make you think otherwise. Here are some of the rarest horse breeds in the world.

1. The American Cream- the name of this breed itself would already make you assume that this is one of the best horses that you will find. But it is not just about its performance; it’s its skin that makes it different. The American Cream is popular for having pink skin and its cream-colored coat. It has amber eyes, and the breeding of its kind started in the early 1900s. It is also the same era when cars are already becoming popular. They still exist up to this day and are still used mostly for riding.

2. Newfoundland Pony- these ponies come from a breed of a colonial stock. Once they are grown up, they are assigned to do farm work but eventually stopped due to the production of farm machineries. They are so rare now that there are only 400 of them left in the world.

3. Caspian- this horse is known as Iran’s national treasure. There were images of their existence according to some documented artwork back in 3000 BC, but unfortunately experts are saying that they are already extinct since 1965.

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