They're Just Not That Into Us

Aliens are depicted to be carnivorous and life-consuming in nature, as well as scary-looking beings that are hungry to conquer Earth. These descriptions embedded in most human minds are made entirely by the likes of the Men in Black series, alien comic books and a few other alien movies which a whole lot of moviemakers had been feeding vulnerable human perceptions.

However, in some recent studies made by long-time Alien experts, it was shown that although these terrestrial beings are interested in exploring our habitat. This does not mean that they do thirst to colonize our properties and enslave the entire populace. In fact, because these creatures are concluded to be multi-intelligent as well as technologically-advanced in multiple phases, their goal might be of a different matter.

It is believed that Aliens are known explorers and travelers of the vast and complex universe. Considering its age, it may be possible that we may not be the first life forms they have been in an encounter with or have made contact with. Like any other intelligent human, Aliens may also be highly curious of unexplored areas of knowledge that could be of huge benefit for their kind but regardless of such goals, it does not mean that they aim to feed on human brains to achieve such wisdom. In fact, aliens are more advanced than anyone of the human race and might have reached the highest level of Intelligent Quotient (IQ) impossible for our kind.

So why exactly are they making efforts to mask their very existence? One reason could be that their complex characteristics and odd ambitions may be too complicated for the limited human understanding. Given that they have been foreshadowed to be very wild creatures, it is, in fact, wise to stray away from such complications, considering that there is still a huge macrocosm to be attended aside from ours. In total, it may be safe to say that aliens may not be that into us, after all!

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