Everyone knows how frustrating it is to hear that dreaded low battery warning sound, even though you've just charged your gadget a few hours ago. Gone are the days when our cellphone's battery life could last a whole day. I miss those days. Well fret no more, thanks to the technology that brought us our beloved gadgets and their ridiculously short battery lives, I present to you ten amazing (albeit, weird) ways to charge your gadgets;

1. Breath Gadget Charger = All you need is your breath to charge your device. With a face mask attached to your device's charging cable, you just have to breathe in and out to charge your gadget. Although it might take about 6-8 hours of breathing time in order to fully charge your gadget.

2. Grass Charging Station = I think this one is quite nice. It doesn't utilize the grass to charge your gadget, the grass in the supposed plant box just hides the charging ports.

3. Bonsai Tree Charger = Just like number 3, this one is quite decorative. It looks like a modernized bonsai tree. It's fairly safe to put in your garden area and since it utilizes solar power, no need to plug it anywhere.

4. Universal Gadget Wrist Charger = So if your job entails you to use your hands in a swift and shaking motion, this charger might be the thing for you. This charger uses your hand and wrist movements to generate energy for charging. Must be friction or something like that.

5. Wood Burner Charger = Now this one's for all the campers and nature lovers out there. Perfect for your outdoor get-away. While cooking up your meal and keeping warm, might as well utilize that burn time to charge your gadgets too. Pretty multi-functional if I might say.

6. Wind Power Charger = Now this one is for the Apple users, specifically iPhone users. Your iPhone supposedly charges when the fan blades rotate. It is built specifically for bikers and should attached to the bicycle's handlebars and when wind hits the turbines, Voila! It charges your cell phone or MP3 device.

7. Foot Pump Charger = In my opinion, not the best way, but probably the only way you can charge your device when outdoors and you need a quick charge. All you have to do is pump your foot (most probably like crazy!) to generate enough energy for charging.

8. Cola Charger = I'm not sure if this one still exists but who knew the fizz in your sugary soda could be use as an alternative battery for your gadget? The developer Daizi Xheng might just be on to something here.

9. Solar Bikini Charger = Now this is WILD! A bikini made with flexible solar charging panels. I suppose this is a good idea for the beach, but I'd probably advise against taking a dip in it.

10. Rocking Chair Charger = Comfort and functionality rolled into one. Need I say more?

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